Say yes September

set purposeful goals

Create motivation and accountability through community: say yes september

Yoga isn't just about asana (the poses), it's so much more.

September is a great way time to reset, to check-in with yourself, and to dive deep into self-inquiry.

Have you gone off course? How are your goals going for this year, do you need a reset?

In our SAY YES SEPTEMBER free Lifestyle program you will set a goal you can Say YES for, and commit to saying NO to something else. This program is not about taking that most classes you can take in a month, but truly focusing what is possible through what is already working in your life.

Get recommitted to yourself. Say YES to yourself, and start saying NO to what's not serving you.


Grab your SAY YES SEPTEMBER calendar from the front desk, or register here.

You'll set a goal of how many classes per month you want to achieve and you'll answer the journal prompt on the back.

Come to class, keep track, and encourage fellow participants along the way.

Plus, you'll get exclusive bonus content like meditations, journalt prompts and other tools to use throughout the month to help you say YES when you want and say NO when you really need it.


Program runs September 1 - 30


This program is FREE, all you need to do is set a goal!

Registered participants will be placed in a drawing to win a $25 gift card, and if you hit your goal at the end of the month, you'll be placed in a drawing to win 50% off your next month's membership!

-Yoga classes are NOT included in the pricing of this program. No refunds or exchanges once program begins.