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YES Class etiquette


BEING BAREFOOT - We ask you kindly remove your shoes in the locker area and place them in your locker or under the benches.

DISCONNECTING - Please silence all cell phones and smart watches. We know your office calendar says "scheduled a meeting" that correlates with class time, so no one bothers you during class. However, if you must keep your phone with you during class please keep it on silent and use it in the locker area or outside. Also, if you're expecting a phone call, just give your instructor a heads up!

DOING WHAT WORKS FOR YOUR BODY - You are different than the person next to you in class. Whether you feel strong or need some rest, focus on yourself and what your body actually needs.

PRIORITIZE YOUR SCHEDULE - Please remember to cancel class if you cannot attend. We lock our door about 5 minutes after class starts and do not allow late entry.

your first yes class

PRE-BOOK YOUR FIRST CLASS - We are so excited for you to join the studio! Please pre-book your first class, this ensures you sign all digital liability waivers and saves time.

WHEN TO ARRIVE - Please arrive 5 to 10 minutes prior to class so you can set up your yoga space. Be sure to grab blocks and a towel!

WHERE TO PARK - You can park in any parking spots along City Walk Drive, there is also FREE parking located in the garage adjacent to the yoga studio. If you cannot find a spot on the first floor, head straight to floors 5 or 6 (rows 2-4 are reserved for office tenants!)

WHAT TO WEAR - Please wear any clothing that is comfortable to move your body and sweat in, no socks or shoes required! The studio space is small, so we ask your clothes are clean and free of harsh smells such as smoke or perfumes.

WHAT TO BRING - Show up ready to say YES! Please bring your own water bottle - we have everything else you need including mats, towels, and props!

Frequently asked questions

Can I try a class for free?

We do not offer free in-studio trial yoga. During nice weather months, we offer outdoor yoga weekly on The Deck of Sugar Land Town Square or we may have a special class or two.

As a small local business, the best way to support us is to pay for class. If you're new to the studio, you can purchase our NEW CLIENT SPECIAL or buy a drop-in!

Where is the best place to park?

There are parking spots along City Walk, directly in front of YESyoga, however during the day most of the time these spots fill up, and they are metered parking. Parking in the parking garage behind our studio is the best place, and it's free. During the weekday, floors 1 and 2 are open to anyone. Floors 3 and 4 are reserved for office tenants. If you can't find any spots, head up to floors 5 and 6. 

Most of the "reserved parking" are reserved Monday - Friday 7am to 6pm, and they will tow your car if you are parked in a spot during reserved time frames. The spots will say "reserved," otherwise they are numbered so you remember where you parked. 

We ask that you respect our neighboring retail and restaurant facilities and please do not park in 15-minute parking!

What if I am running late for class?

We lock our doors about 5 minutes after class begins and do not allow late entry. We aks you prioritize your schedule. The text number is NOT an emergency line and is not always the best way to notify us of late entry. We try our best to watch for students that are signed up for class but have no arrived yet!


What if I'm not flexible enough for class?

Flexibility is a practiced "skill." Just as you go to the gym to lift weights, you go to the grocery store to buy groceries, you take a class to learn another language, and you come to yoga to create and practice flexibility. You DO NOT have to know how to touch your toes, it is highly overrated, most of our feet stink anyway. 

What if I have an injury?

Yoga is great for helping prevent injuries, building strength, and increasing range of motion. Some postures may help rehabilitate your inury, and some postures may worsen your injury. Though many of our teachers have had extensive anatomical training, please see your doctor prior to beginning a yoga practice, and disclose any injuries to your instructor so we can help assist you during classtime.

What are you NO-SHOW and cancellation fees?

We understand life happens. Meetings come up, kids get sick, and plans can quickly change. If you cannot make it to class, please cancel using the Walla App or via our online web browser. A $15 class "no-show" charge will be processed in the event you miss class, and don't let us know. You may cancel class anytime prior to arrival, there is no charge for YESmembers.

Currently we only have cancellation fees for our 6am class. All other classes DO NOT have cancellation fees.

Our 6am Thursday Spark has an 8-hour cancellation window (meaning you have until 10pm the night before to cancel.) A $10 late cancellation charge will be applied and package holders will lose class. THIS CHARGE APPLIES TO ALL CLIENTS INCLUDING MEMBERS.

Who is considered a YESmember?

YESmembers are any client on an automatic monthly payment option, or a monthly commitment option.

Package holders such as single month, 10 Class Packs, or introductory offers do not receive member benefits.

How do I hydrate?

We recommend drinking water with electrolytes before, during, and after class. We do not have plastic water bottles for you to purchase, but we do have drinking fountains available at your convenience to fill up your own water bottles. 

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