Our Team

Erin Cummings

Co-Creator and Owner, YESyoga

I grew up dancing ballet and hiphop in Wichita, Kansas. I have always pushed myself to do more. After working two jobs through college then double majoring, my husband Kyle and I moved to Houston to pursue his career.

Shortly after arriving in Houston I landed my dream job in real estate. When my son, Kollin, arrived my priorities shifted and I dove head first into motherhood.

My family became the focus and love of my life, yet I soon discovered that motherhood, without feeling grounded, became depleting. My singular focus and lack of attention on my own self care led me to feel isolated and stuck.

I lucked out and found a group of women who were like minded. We began to support each other through empathetic conversations and best of all, we worked out together! Continuing the path of sweating out the stress and anxiety of being a mom, I went all in and became a Certified Yoga Teacher in 2015, and I have been actively pursuing personal growth and developing as a yoga teacher ever since. After my second child, Charlotte, was born, I once again realized I wanted to share my passion for yoga and how it has helped support my journey as a mother. At the beginning of 2018, I accomplished my goal of becoming a Tier One: Certified Baptiste Yoga Leader, and I want to contribute to others what yoga gave me.

Yoga has shown me what it feels like to be grounded, committed to my own self-care, and how to show up present for my family and friends. This is the kind of legacy I want to leave for my children.

Tiffany Geach

Co-creator and teacher, YESyoga

I started dancing when I was four and danced all the way through high school in Pearland, Texas. After that, I went to college and left behind all forms of physical exercise… and self-care. 

After graduating college and realizing that being a part of the real world was not all it was cracked up to be, I took a huge leap and moved to Antwerp, Belgium for graduate school. I moved back to Houston with a new attitude, a new focus and a million life lessons. 

I started running and working out again; met my husband; had four kids and found I had a passion for life. Running, practicing yoga and being an active member of my life has encouraged me to reach out and show others how to do the same. When I was pregnant with my fourth, I became a certified yoga teacher. In 2018, I ran my 25th half-marathon and even nailed a personal record! 

I’m a mom, a wife, a cook, a chauffeur, an organizer, a scheduler and an errand runner; but through yoga I’ve also learned I’m a human being who needs to take time to care for myself. 

Brynn Scally

Teacher, YESyoga

Brynn Scally became an RYT 200 in 2012 and has been teaching in Sugar Land ever since.  With a background in dance and meditation Brynn became enamored with the fluid rhythm of vinyasa yoga.  In 2014 she graduated from  Baptiste’s Art of Assisting.  She has completed training workshops with Ana Forest, Sean Corn, Bryan Kest and Christina Sell and is continually evolving and learning in her practice.  Brynn hopes to facilitate classes that lead to self inquiry, body awareness and personal discovery.  She sees each class she teaches as a learning experience with her students as her teachers and aims to lead classes that create a union of energy both internally and communally.

Chris Bishop

Teacher, YESyoga

Chris has been dabbling with yoga since 2006, but became a YES through a consistent practice in 2014.


Since then, Chris describes his experience with yoga as if he is talking about magic.  “My yoga practice has helped me to develop greater strength and resilience in my body, mind and spirit and to open my heart the most it has ever opened.  My practice has helped me find the courage to place my overall wellbeing as a high priority and to make some huge changes to open myself up to possibility.  I view these all as real-life miracles. and I attribute them all to my yoga practice.”


Chris completed the Awakened Yoga Studio 200-hour yoga teacher training in March of 2018 and Annie Au’s Chinese Meridians and yin yoga teacher training in August 2018.


Outside of yoga, Chris says YES to nature, meditation, trail running, Brazilian jiu-jitsu and healthy, delicious foods.

Nikki Dixon-Ewing

Nikki Dixon-Ewing is one of YESyoga's YESonline Instructors.

I started yoga after a knee injury during a dance performance and my life was in shambles. I'd like to think yoga chose or found me.  I have been practicing yoga for 3 1/2 years and my life continues to evolve as I carry my practice on and off the mat. Clarity being one of our core values guides me to finding the "YES" within my life and practice. Even on the toughest of days I can still find a YES if I am still enough. That is my yoga and a piece of why I continue to practice and that is what I desire to guide people towards on their mat. I enjoy seeing hearing people breath loudly, seeing them smile, maybe even laugh a little as they find their groove in their practice. To me that is what helps push all the toxicity out of our bodies; when we simply let loose and breathe through it.  

Roxanne Haines

Roxanne has been practicing yoga ever since graduating Houston Baptist University and has been hooked on the mind/body connection ever since. She received her RYT 200 in 2014 and began teaching and growing from the yoga community in Houston. She earned her RYT 500 status and continues to call herself a yoga student as well as a teacher. The practice of yoga is addicting to her because of the changes that happen within the soul as well as within the body. Hot and sweaty, fast-paced vinyasa flow is her favorite style to practice and to teach. Allowing her students to push themselves, calm the mind and connect with their breath. She currently lives in Sugar Land with her husband and their beloved fur babies.