welcome to yesyoga

Why say yes to yesyoga?

We teach sustainable and intentional movement

While most of our classes are based in a vinyasa-style format, we pride ourselves on teaching yoga to your body, not your instagram page. Our classes are full of real people with real bodies, and our goal is to meet you where you are on the mat.

We are fully trained and certified instructors

All of our instructors have completed a minimum of Yoga Alliance 200hr Certifaction program, with many of our instructors also moving on to complete their Yoga Alliance 500hr Certification program.

All of our Tier 2 instructors have been teaching for over 5 years or more, and those who completed their 200hr Yoga Alliance Certified Training at YESyoga have been taught comprehensive functional alignment for group yoga classes.

you will get personalized attention

YESyoga's yoga room is intentionally small. While we can host a maxiumum of 20 yoga guests, the majority of our classes range from 4-10 clients per class. These smaller class sizes gives you better opportunity to enhance your yoga practice with a more personalized experience in each group class.

*Our group yoga classes are not for everyone, please speak with your instructor prior to class if you need specific modifications or need additional assistance or text us at (210) 741 - 8547 to speak directly with a YESyoga staff member.

We focus on your whole yes-self

While our main service of YESyoga is group yoga classes, we pride ourselves on taking our yoga off our mats as a lifestyle brand. From blog posts about habits, to recipes that nourish, to meditations and journaling, we are here to help you create healthy habits for your wholeself.

say yes and choose yoga as your main source of movement

yoga is proven to reduce stress and anxiety

There have been so many studies done, not only on the benefits of mediation, but the benefits of how practicing yoga can reduce symptoms of depression and anxiety due to difficult situations. Yoga also enhances your overall sense of well-being and mood, by focusing on working the parasympathetic nervous system often impacted by stress.

Studies have shown a reduction in anxiety and stress after two to three months of a weekly practice of yoga.

you will sleep better

Yoga can increase your sleep quality. By focusing on stimulating your vagus nerve, which helps regulate your parasympathetic nervous system. Your PNS, controls your body's ability to rest. Which can also help lower your body's heart rate and improve digestion.

By practicing "savasana" or deep rest at the end of each class, this helps your body and mind into a relaxed state, which is why we consider it one of the most important postures in yoga!

you will breathe better

By practicing controlled breathing ("Pranayama"), yoga helps promote the health of your respiratory system by strengthening your chest muscles, expanding your lung capacity, and increasing oxygen intake.

you will increase range of motion

Range of motion is all about our ability to move our body through space using our UNIQUE skeletal system. At YESyoga, we focus way more on individual functional movment, and way less on wrong/right postures. Practicing yoga will increase your flexibility while strengthening your muscles.

Remember, flexibility doesn't determine your worth. We focus on full body range of motion, not touching your toes.

you will notice real results

We are NOT in the business of weight loss and diet culture...so don't ask us to help tone you up for summer or your upcoming trip. Yoga is about whole body well being, from mind to body.

A benefit of strengthening your core and muscles might be inches lost or weight loss, but that is not the goal of YESyoga. We want to you have the energy to make hard decisions, sleep better to be more focused on your life, and carry in all of your groceries in one trip (ha, just kidding...or are we?)

You will notice measurable and definitive changes in your mindset and in your body, but it's up to you to use those results with purpose.