about YESyoga

YESyoga is a boutique yoga studio for those who are a YES to more than just sweat. YESyoga give you the tools you need to create a purpose driven life, because you're worth it! 

Through leadership and clarity, YESyoga teachers provide the tools for growth, groundedness, trust, accountability, and YES actions, because we believe strongly that we can all succeed together. 

Never allow a person to tell you no who doesn’t have the power to say yes.


Our core values

authenticity • connection • growth • adapt

About The Founders


our story

So how did these two forces collide? 

Erin Cummings and Tiffany Geach knew each other from a mommy-and-me world of fitness and play places, but started to become friends outside of their kids’ lives. Erin went into teacher training and Tiffany went to support her in some of her classes. Tiffany got back into yoga and did her own teacher training. 

It seemed a natural progression of things and pretty soon they were both saying things like “If we had our own studio, we would….” or “You know what would be a cool thing for a studio to do…” 

YESyoga was born way before there were doors to open and lights to turn on. It is the result of years of learning, growing, friendship, and a calling to being more. 

 Erin and Tiffany chose to say YES to being more than just moms, friends, and yogis — to being a place for our community to thrive.