Vegan Cacio E Pepe (Vegan. Gluten Free, Grain Free)

After a super quick vacation, I always have the need to eat at home and I'm also insanely tired and don't want to work really hard on dinner. This is where my vegan cacio e pepe comes in.... If you don't know what that is it translates to "cheese and pepper" and it's SO EASY! You just need pasta, vegan butter or olive oil, vegan Parmesan, and crushed black pepper. Boom.



- 1 Box Jovial Grain Free Pasta

- 1 cup reserved pasta water

- 1/3 cup olive oil

- 1/2 stick vegan butter

- 1 container Vegan Parmesean ( I prefer Follow Your Heart Parmesan or Just Like Parmesean - this one you actually get to grate yourself, so exciting for us non dairy people!)

- a ton of freshly ground pepper


Boil your pasta according to package, be sure to reserve 1 cup water after pasta has cooked. In a separate pan heat olive oil, butter, and ground pepper. Once mixed and fragrant add about 3/4 of the parmesan from container and melt. 

Add sauce back to pot with pasta and reserved water and mix well. Serve with more parmesan and pepper on top. 



Easiest dinner ever. 


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