Artisan Gluten-Free Bread (Vegan, GF)

Each year for Thanksgiving for the past few years we've created a new tradition with my husband's brother and his family that we celebrate together. They are vegan and vegetarian, and with our household and food allergies, we've come together to create the Vegan, Gluten-Free Thanksgiving. 

Over the years we've realized this is the best and easiest way for all of us to accommodate our food preferences without the chaos of other's opinions, plus we all get along really well and love spending time together!

I try to do something different each year, but I will never live down the first year which was a GF Mushroom Wellington. 

This year I made a few things, but one item of note was this Minimalist Baker's Recipe for GF Artisan Bread. I followed her recipe exactly, except prior to placing it in the Dutch Oven to cook, I tied the baker's twine around it to get that nice pumpkin like shape. 


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