The Perfectly Cooked Asparagus

I know this isn't a recipe, but adding the extra step to your asparagus will change your life! I learned this from Thomas Keller's Masterclass, and I'm telling you LIFE  CHANGING!



- Bundle of Asparagus

- Peeler or knife

- Twine

- Boiling water with Salt

- Bowl of water & ice


First step & most important: Peel the nodules from the stem of the asparagus. Use can use a paring knife to do one nodule at a time, or I like to use the peeler and just move the peeler back and forth over the stem. After you peel the asparagus, you'll hold the asparagus and snap the bottom off, but just be sure to let it break in a natural spot. *If your asparagus won't snap, throw that bad boy out.


Second, boil water with salt. Then wrap the asparagus into a bundle with twine. (If you want you can cut the ends to make sure they are all the same exact size, this isn't totally necessary.) Pro tip: they are better with heads at the top and the ends down, so they all cook evenly. 


Once the water is boiling, drop your bundle of asparagus in the water. Let boil for about 5 minutes, and immediate place asparagus into ice bath. 


From there serve with whatever sauce. Lemon juice, melted vegan butter, and thyme is always a solid choice. Serve over salad or as a side. 


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