It's not always about the food......

It's not always about the food By: Erin Cummings


Sometimes  it's not about the food or the ingredients. Sometimes it's about setting up your cooking space. 


We know, I love things to be pretty, but even basic things can have a big impact on your cooking, especially if you have your most used items within reach. I took things a bigger step forward and put them all into small tiny jars or in areas. Now, everything has a spot, the most used is easily reachable and they sit on my counter with intention and purpose without clutter or taking up space.

A place for my wine, a place for my rings, a place for some flowers from my garden....

What I love most are my oil bottles from local ceramics artist Sierra Estes. One is high quality olive oil for topping dishes, and the other is avocado oil for cooking.

My other favorites are my salt jars. The black one holds all my finishing salt and the white and brown holds my regular cooking sea salt. 

Another great way to set up your cooking space, is having all of your most used items handy AND adding art. This piece is from local artist Dash Blossoms and it conveniently hides our "Alexa" device. So, I don't see the cords and I can still use her as needed.
Also, a nice little bonus is this utensil container, which holds my most used items and this rolling pin of my grandmothers. The rolling pin adds a bit of vintage to the modern aesthetic of the containers.
Lastly, these awesome tiny spice bowls from No Crumbs Left, one of my favorite food bloggers. 
Sometimes, it's not about the food. It's a way to bring creativity, art, and purpose into your kitchen with how you set up your space and elevate your most used items!

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