Falafels - Gluten Free & Dairy Free

Falafels (Gluten and Dairy Free) by Erin Cummings

I love falafels because you can make a big batch ahead of time and use them for salad toppings, wraps, or even a quick snack!

I've tried this recipe with chickpeas or cauliflower and you can use your preference of choice, this weekend I used chickpeas!



1 can chickpeas ( OR 1 minced cauliflower)

2 handfuls parsley 

3 cloves garlic

1tbs cumin

1tbs paprika

1tsp salt

1/4 cup almond flour

1 tbs arrowroot flour

1 egg (use flaxseed egg if you want this to be a fully vegan dish)

2tbs olive oil


Preheat oven to 400 Degrees, place parchment paper on baking sheet. If using cauliflower make sure it's minced. Place everything in a food process (except cauliflower if using) and process until combined. Add cauliflower at the end if using.


Form falafel dough into round balls and place on baking sheet. I use a cookie dough scoop, and then use the back of the scoop to flatten into disks. 


Bake for 20 min each side. 


Whether you are using the falafels for a salad, sandwich or snack, use this tahini dip. 



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