Fried Chicken Salad (Mediterranean Style GF, DF)

I enjoy a salad that I have dubbed the "salad sandwich." Being gluten free means I have to eat gluten free bread, which isn't that great, so I've started to find creative ways to eat exactly what I want, and it ends up being a favorite sandwich of mine in salad form A LOT.

I adapted one of my favorite recipes from one of my favorite people Eden Grinshpan's book Eating Out Loud  you'll have to grab the recipe book for the exact sandwich, but this is my adopted salad sandwich.

*If you are vegan this recipe can easily be switched from fried chicken to fried eggplant or cauliflower and it would be so good!




-4 chicken breasts butterflied (skinless & boneless) 

-4 eggs

- 1 cup King Arthur GF Flour

- 2 cups almond flour (or GF breadcrumbs)

-1 cup sesame seeds

- salt to taste

-avocado oil for frying


Mediterranean Cole Slaw:

-1 cup mayo (can use vegan)

-3 tbs fresh dill, chopped

-1 tbs capers, drained and chopped

-1 large dill pickle chopped

-1tbs dijon mustard

- tsp white wine vinegar

-salt & pepper to taste

-1/4 head red & 1/4 head green cabbage

-Juice from one lemon



-favorite lettuce type

-sliced radish


Harissa Honey Oil:

-2tbs harissa

-1tsp paprika

-2 tbs honey

-4 tbs olive oil



For the slaw, mix all ingredients together. Cover and place in refrigerator while you make the chicken. 

Place the butterflied chicken in between two plastic wraps and pound chicken until it is 1/4 in thick. Cut in half.

Create a breading station. This is super messy, so it's important to have everything laid out to make for a quick clean up. Place GF flour in shallow bowl or plate. In another bowl, beat eggs and add salt and pepper. In a 3rd shallow bowl or plate add almond flour (or gf breadcrumbs) and sesame seeds. 

Pour roughly 1/2 inch of oil in to pan and heat. While it is heating, dredge the chicken. One piece at a time place chicken in gf flour, then into eggs, then into the almond flour/sesame mixture. Repeat with the remaining chicken.

Place dredged chicken into hot oil, careful not to crowd the pan. Continue to add oil as needed. Fry chicken about 3-4 minutes on each side. Let cool on cooling rack. 

For Harissa Honey, mix ingredients well. 


Assemble the salad, starting with favorite lettuce on the bottom, chopped radish, add your slaw mixture. Place cut fried chicken on top. Drizzle harissa honey oil on top! 



*I ran out of sesame seeds, so yours should have a lot more than pictured!

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