Curry Chicken Salad Sandwich (GF, DF)

Curry Chicken Salad Sandwich
If you haven't been to Agnes Cafe near Rice then you are missing out! I have been craving their Curry Chicken Salad Sandwich, and I had some leftover baked chicken breast so I made myself one! Plus I added more anti-inflammatory ingredients like all the seeds to help give this sandwich an internal boost!
- 1 baked chicken breast (For vegans: leave out the chicken and swap with chickpeas!)
- 1/2 cup mayo
- 3 tsp curry powder
- 1 tsp turmeric powder
- 1 tsp cumin powder
- 2 celery sticks, chopped
- 3 tbs pumpkin seeds
- 2 tbs sunflower seeds
- 1 tbs sliced almonds
- 1 tsp hemp seeds
In a bowl mix ingredients together. Top over gluten free bread and lettuce or just make this as a salad without the bread! Super easy and perfect for lunches or quick meals. 

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