Gyro Bowl (GF, DF)

I can get DOWN on this bowl. Like can I go get this at a restaurant for $25 for lunch....yes. Do I want to pay! Ha, just kidding

But seriously, this is one of my favorite SUPER easy meals to make at home, and you can mix it up a bunch of different ways. Roast the cauliflower, rice the cauliflower, or air fry the cauliflower!


- 1lb ground beef

- 1 lb ground lamb

- whole cauliflower (roasted, riced, or air fried)

- 1 cucumber, diced

- favorite lettuce

- hummus (I make mine homemade with chickpeas, tahini, lemon juice, salt, and ice water)

- Chopped Fresh Dill

- Chopped Pickles


Brown the lamb and beef together. Cook the cauliflower however you like, in this instance I air fried for a crunch. Plate with hummus, pickles, dill, and lettuce. Super easy and so good!


*This is a really ugly picture of really good food because I started eating then realized I had forgotten to take a pic!

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