BBQ Chicken "sandwich" Salad (GF, DF)

Real talk, we all know I don't eat gluten...but I honestly love eating this version of BBQ chicken so much more because of the crunchy lettuce. I love a weird salad too, so if this isn't for you that's totally okay! 

I prefer using the crockpot for my BBQ chicken, and H-E-B has a honey BBQ sauce that I love. I haven't found a nightshade free version of BBQ yet, so I just suffered the unfortunate inflammation consequences of this guy. But if tomatoes don't bother you, I'm telling you, you need this!


- about 1lb chicken breasts

- 1 bottle HEB Honey BBQ

- 1/2 cup coconut sugar

- 2 tsp salt

- 2 tsp paprika

- 2 tsp chili powder

- 2 tsp onion powder

- 2 tsp garlic powder


Mix sugar, salt, and spices together for a rub. Pat chicken dry and rub onto chicken. Place chicken in slow cooker and cover with bottle of bbq sauce. Cook on high for 4hrs or low for 8hrs.


Once cooked, take chicken out and shred. You have two options, if you like it saucy you can put the chicken back into crockpot and stir. Or, build your salad and just add a little extra sauce to the top.


Use romaine or iceberg for the base, add bbq shredded chicken, (homemade) coleslaw, pickles, and I topped with a little extra salt! 



Not into "sandwich" salad? Put that on a potato or a bun and DEVOUR! 

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