Grilled Corn & Zucchini Bowl with Pesto (GF, DF)

I promised I would work on grilling more veggies for summer and here you go! So I added shrimp to my grilled veggie bowl, but I think this would honestly be great with either chickpeas or cannallini beans if you don't eat shrimp. 

Real talk, the hardest part of this was making each component and keeping it hot!




- 1 cup fresh basil

- 1 cup kale, stems removed

- Juice of one lemon

- 2 cloves garlic,

- 1/3 cup roasted and shelled pistachios

- 1/4 cup vegan parmesan cheese

- 1/2 cup olive oil

- salt and pepper to taste



- 1/2 pound shrimp

- 1 red onion, chopped

- 2 ears of corn

- 3 zucchinis


Place corn with husks on in a bowl of water, covering corn and let the corn soak the water for about 30 minutes prior to grilling. 

Make the pesto and let sit in refrigerator. Using a food processor place all pesto ingredients and pulse until desired consistency is achieved, add more olive oil if needed.

Heat grill to about low to medium heat. Cook corn on grill with husks for about 15 to 20 minutes, turning about every 5 minutes. Let cool before removing husks. 

The zucchini can be done two different ways if you want to have the grill marks on the zucchini ribbons. I used a mandolin slicer for even cuts and grilled each zucchini for a few minutes (which seemed like the longest process ever) or you can cut each zucchini into thirds (hot dog style/lengthwise) then place each of those on the grill, then chop.

For the shrimp, you can make kabobs, or I have a skillet that is for the grill. I place salt, pepper, and lemon juice over the shrimp and red onions and cooked for about 5 minutes (until shrimp are pink and red onions are soft and more translucent.) 

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