Crab Cake Salad (GF, DF)

Santa brought me a homemade sushi maker for the holidays and so I bought a ton of seafood to make some homemade rolls - well they were a disaster, a fun disaster, but needless to say I had a few leftover items, including crab!

I love crabcakes, but knew they wouldn't heat up well, nor did I want the microwave seafood smell at the studio. So I created a little salad version!



- 3/4 tbs Fresh Crab Meat

- 1/4 Mayo (I love Primal Kitchen)

- 2 tbs Dijon Mustard

- Squeeze of 1 Lemon

- 2-3 sticks of Celery, chopped/diced

- Handful of GF crackers, smashed

- Salt & Pepper to taste

- Chopped dill for garnish

- Lettuce of choice


Chop your favorite lettuce ( I usually use romaine or iceberg depending on what's available at the store). Mix crab, mayo, mustard, and lemon. 


Starting with the lettuce, place your chopped celery on top, then your mixed crab, continue to top with crackers, salt and pepper, and dill!


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