You can only be one, which do you choose?

I’m sure you’ve heard the Native American saying that two wolves sit on your shoulder, and you are constantly feeding one. 


You cannot feed both wolves at the same time.


If wolves don’t work, bring to mind a problem you are struggling with. What’s the normal way you deal with that problem, or better yet, what’s the way you react to that problem.


We can think about motherhood, being a boss, spouse, or something simple like setting a goal. You can define yourself two ways “Erin (put your name here instead), The Morning Meditator” or “Erin, The Tired and Crabby.”


You both exist as we, however only one will appear. Sometimes Erin, The Tired and Crabby would rather suffer and that’s fine or she came out of nowhere because something happened. While you are both, only one is active at a time. So it’s up to us to know who showed up.


For weeks Erin, The Meditator will crush life. Everything will go as planned, mornings are smooth, the stress of motherhood is low, people are eating what’s cooked for dinner, and then out of no where….. Erin, The Tired and Crabby just blows in like the Kool-Aid Man. 


Then, try as I might Erin, The Tired and Crabby hangs around for a while like that annoying hang nail that you eventually have to cut off.



This week, ask yourself who is sitting with you at your table, and who shows up most of the time? Can you get present and realize what reaction brings the other forward?


Also, I’m sure you know, this is a lifelong practice. Practice doesn’t make perfect, practice makes progress. 

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