You’re IMW is showing…..

You’re IMW is showing…..



It’s not your kids driving you crazy. It’s not the guy that cut you off, who is a total prick. It’s not your partner who can’t predict what’s in your mind. It’s not your boss who won’t give you credit. It’s not the sales associate who got it wrong.


It’s not that “nobody cares” or “no-one is listening to you” or that “the world is on fire.”


It’s your Inner Mad Woman, and it’s showing. It might just be you don’t know how to deal with it any other way. 


Before you get mad at me, YES, some of these things above could be a truly serious issue, but I’m not talking about trauma, I’m talking about your daily reactions.


How many times a day do you throw your hands up to another faceless driver who you are mad at? How many times do you call someone a name on social media that you don’t agree with?


It might just be you haven’t tried reacting another way, and that’s because your inner mad woman is showing. It’s okay, we all have her. Some of us know her well, others have no idea that she’s shown up on our behalf. 


Three big questions:

  • Who is she?
  • When does she show up?
  • What are you going to do about it? 


While you can’t control the guy who cut you off, you can control the screaming and the honking and the absolute rage for a faceless driver. 


Take some time this week to get to know your Inner Mad Woman so that you know when she’s around and you can choose a different reaction. 


Be a YES for who you really want to be. 


*If you've read Burnout: The Secret To Unlocking The Stress Cycle by Emily Nagoski & Amelia Nagoski you should be super familiar with this topic: The Crazy Lady in The Attic, if not you should definitely check out this book!

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