Who are you being, Not just on Halloween?

It’s getting close to Halloween, so….what mask are you wearing today? The successful one? The put together one? The hot mess one? The emotional one? The loud one?


The one who can do it all? The one who always needs help?


As I’ve gotten older, done a lot of therapy, and worked on my inner-self, I realized Halloween wasn’t the only time I wore a mask. It was actually all the time. 


We wear these masks to hide our fears, and to hide who we really are. 


When you lay down at the end of the day, in your bed, who are you really? Who are you without your mask? Do you know?


So many times we get scared, we get nervous people will judge us. Guess what, they are going to do that anyway. It’s time to get to know yourself so well, that when someone judges you, you can see the mask they wear.m  


Save the masks for Halloween and start to let people see the real you. Stop sabotaging your success, your purpose, and what’s possible by wearing your masks and start to let your YESself shine. 

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