Stop Fearing the Story Created

Stop Fearing the Story Created


Give yourself permission to be kind, and to not fear the story you created.


I’ve talked about this a lot before. I used to give myself permission to tell the truth so much that I got to say or offend whoever in the process. My fear was that I would be seen as weak if I let people get away with things or if they were “wrong” I needed to “right” them.


Needless to say I’m grateful for growth and therapy. 


What I’ve really been working on lately is giving myself permission to be kind, to not take things personally, and not be scared of the stories my head creates. I don’t know about you, but I’m REALLY good at creating some AWESOMELY AWFUL things in my head about myself. 


In order to not believe them, I have to give myself permission to not only be kind to myself but whomever I’m also dealing with. I need to not take whatever is happening personally, and stand in who I am and my truth. 


“What do I know is true?” is a question I’m asking myself a lot these days…. some others….


“Is my opinion needed here?” and “What if I gave them some grace and didn’t ‘right or wrong’ them?” 


Asking myself these questions, has not only helped me calm down, but it also stabilizes the fear of what happens next. The fear of making someone mad or making the situation worse. 


Start to get creative with kindness and with grace, and stop letting fear speak for you. You only have the ability to control yourself. Do so with intention. Stop taking things personally and start believing what’s true. 

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