November: A Month of Gratitude

I’ll address the elephant in the room: Yes, I know it’s cheesy and typical and completely basic to do a gratitude theme in November….However, think about how much different this Thanksgiving is from last year. We are all collectively in a totally different headspace and honestly it’s a great time to remember what the hell our purpose is and what we are all grateful for. 


Every single person I’ve talked to recently was in or currently is in deep in a pile of burning sh*t, whether it be family, job, or health related stuff. There is no better time to create a gratitude practice than right now and remember you are worthy and deserve to be here.


Something this entire pandemic has taught be is to stop letting life and all the sh*t happen to me and start to let life happen through me. 


Honestly a big reminder happened yesterday, I was getting ready to leave to come into work and BAM, phone call from the nurse letting me know that my child vomited everywhere and I needed to come get her. Then she puked all over last night and I had to leave work early. 


I could be pissed, angry, resentful, or I could let life happen through me take a moment to pause and then decide what I actually want to do next. My family is a huge core value and something I am committed to, so I decided to go home and be there for my family. 


I’m missing class and meetings, as well as lunch with a friend, but life isn’t happening to me. I chose to be committed to my family, I chose to be with my sick kiddo and I am grateful I have the option to choose my commitments. I am grateful all of those things can be rescheduled, I am grateful for everyone understanding the situation, and I am grateful for everyone’s help.


This month, start a gratitude practice if you don’t already have one. A great place to start is to sign up for our November Daily Gratitude Texts. You can do so by texting the studio if you have an account with us at (281) 220 - 6794, email me at, or send us a DM on social media.

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