What to do when it all goes wrong……

What to do when it all goes wrong……


Inevitably, something will go wrong. Are you prepared?


Traveling? Flight delayed.

Finally a friends lunch? Kid is sick.

Working on a huge project? Computer dies.

Finally gets to go home early from work? Has to put gas in car. 

Saved enough money to buy that one thing? A/C breaks. 



Sometimes it feels like I was a serial killer in a past life and this little black cloud follows me around, but I think that’s also just life (not the serial killing, but the fact that something is always happening.)


I struggle a lot with not feeling completely overwhelmed when stuff like this happens, and it’s even more overwhelming when someone says “just think about the good things.” So, how do I get myself out of the deep dark downward spiral of my life sucks?!?!


First: I remind myself that I am not special because these things happened to me. They happen to people all of the time and I’m not the first person to ever lose a piece of luggage. Every day people deal with the worst of problems, is this truly my worst problem?


Second: Remind myself, that inevitably, something will go wrong. Nothing has ever gone perfectly. Like ever. There is always some minor detail that’s different or change that had to be made. Is this something that will truly ruin whatever I’m working on or trying to do?


Third: Gratitude reality check. What can I be grateful for in this moment? Like, really truly grateful? This usually is one of the best ways for me to realign myself. What actually happened that I can be grateful for? 


Lastly: This might just be me, but I like to do something crazy or fun. If I’m in a really bad downward spiral that has lasted days…. I need some fun time. Whether it’s going on a date night, bowling with kids, or happy hour with friends. What is something that will force me back to center? Usually it’s a pair of big ass hoops and a cute dress! 


How do you prepare yourself for the inevitable? Because, something will go wrong. How are you going to keep going?

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