The Grass Isn’t Always Greener

The Grass Isn’t Always Greener


Do you ever have your mind totally set on something? You’re going to buy it, your going to it do, you’ve always wanted it, here it is, and everyone is like..”I don’t know if you should do that.”


Then, if you’re anything like me, you want it even more. You’re debating and debating and debating, and now you have to buy it/do it because you need to prove a point.


…yeah, take it from me that learns the hard way every single time, it’s not worth it. 


A dream into a forced reality is not what you want. 


Here’s what happened. There was this car I really wanted. It was my dream car, I would see people drive it and think some day I would have that car. I asked around and everyone said don’t do it. 


We all know how this goes right?!?! I got the car and it was terrible. 


I find myself realizing that when I dream about stuff like cars, handbags, shoes, and stuff like that I end up “happy” for a bit, and then life catches back up some how. 


Asking myself, “will my life actually be better if I get this car?” The answer to this question now is YES, because my car was awful and getting a new car will bring much relief to the mess I created by coveting this other vehicle. 


Situations like this are real examples of how the niyamas and yamas come into play, and how yoga off the mat is so important. Creating self-inquiry and realizing what I actually want and the purpose behind it.


Also giving yourself (insert me here) lots of grace when I don’t listen to anyone, including myself, and life that stubborn life. It happens, we fail, we learn, we move on. It’s okay to get lost and wonder back. 


It’s time to stop looking for greener grass on the outside and start working on creating growth on the inside.

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