Celebrate the Fails

July is a big month, not just because it's my birthday, but it's also my husband and I's anniversary. This year, I turned 35 and we are celebrating 13 years of marriage!


It's not just important to celebrate the wins, but to also celebrate the failures along the way. What is we celebrated all the challenges, the losses, the things we've overcome, because without those we might not have what we have today. 


Here's the thing about solutions - solutions just create new problems. That could be the very pessimistic way of looking at things, or that could be a new way to see a new opportunity to fail into success. 


Celebrate the cycle of the solution. Celebrate the win of figuring out the problem, and celebrate all the missteps along the way. 


Ask yourself what recent challenge can you celebrate, and what new problem is there to solve now? Celebrate the step forward and celebrate the next fail so that you can look towards success!

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