Stop pecking yourself to death...

A story about chickens....


I was listening to a podcast the other day which routed me to one of the most interesting TEDtalks by Margaret Heffernan


In this TEDtalk she is speaking about pecking order, but I had to ask myself if this showed up in my life in other ways. First, let's talk about this study and these chickens that she referenced. 


In a study about productivity done by William Muir, he compared chicken productivity (egg production) by creating two groups. He took the "superchickens" (the highest producing chickens) and the average chickens. When he got to the end of the study he found that the "average" chickens ended up increasing their level of egg output, and the "superchickens" legit pecked the f*ck out of each other until there were only three (3) left. 


Heffernan discussed (in people, not chickens) that more successful groups had empathy, equal timing, and diversity. Also by using helpfulness in your culture, community, and your own values, we can create success.


I loved that this talked about leadership, competition, and ultimately inner work on ourselves. I don't know about you, but I learned a long time ago that I don't want to be in competition with anyone else, but I'm learning more and more that maybe I don't even want to be in competition with myself. So now I'm wondering is my inner saboteur pecking the absolute f*ck out of me in order to get ahead? 


If you consider yourself a high achiever or a superstar, what's your go to sabotage that takes you out? Who do you peck out in the process? Who do you go to when you need help?


How has the "superchicken" effect impacted you?


*Spoiler alert - Heffernan finished her talk with a seriously impactful quote that said "There was a lot at stake then, and there's a lot at stake now, and we won't solve our problems if we expect it to be solved by a few supermen or superwomen. Now we need everybody, because it is only when we accept that everybody has value that we will liberate the energy and imagination and momentum we need to create the best beyond measure."


Where can you stand aside superstar and let the regular chickens roam the pasture in their best chicken-y selves? Also, in a non weird way to ask the question, where can you create more helpfulness in your life to others so that they can lean into their best and most valuable selves?



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