April's Intention - Surrender & Pause

From a beginner’s mind to using our intuition, we are jumping in The Fool’s Journey to surrender and pause. The cards that align with this theme are The Hanged Man, Death, and Temperance. 


Can you do it…. can you take a pause from your phone, your emails, your social media, or your game/show? 


What relationship or addiction can you let die off? What if you let a story about yourself go? What about an assumption you have about another? 


This is the time in the journey to rely on your support and let go of what’s holding you back. If you have no idea where to start, a great place to begin is through a journaling practice. An even better place to start through journaling is journaling when an impulse comes up.


Get mad about a conversation? Instead of creating a one man show in your shower, take 3 minutes to journal. Write down what you would say and read it back to yourself. Let go of needing to say something right away. You may discover you don’t need to say anything at all, or you may discover you placed judgment on another for no reason. 


If you are striving for growth and to act a certain way, ask yourself what person you want to be would do/say and start doing that. Let the old way you used to handle things die so that you can move into what “Temperance” stands for.


If you can control the impulse, you can create patience and not giving into the urge of immediate action. 


Make the courageous choice and SAY YES to creating a purposeful pause this week through surrender, letting an old story die, and cultivating patience. 

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