April's Intention: Create Completion in Your World

Create Completion in Your World


This month has been all about The Fool’s Journey. From a beginner’s mindset to creating inspiration then dropping your story……it ends with purpose!


The last three (3) cards are The Sun, Judgment, and The World. From expanding your light to being in constant reflection of it, to then creating your own. You don’t ever really complete the journey, you just begin again at The Fool.


If you’re still in the middle of something, that’s okay, but reflect on the last time you felt whole and complete with something finishing. What’s tricky is that sometimes we aren’t “whole and complete” when something is done. There still might be a lot of shadows where the light hasn’t touched.


Enough talking around it, let’s say you finally excepted that job offer, or broke up with your partner, there is still more to unwind in both scenarios. You have to put in your two weeks at your current job, you can’t just dip out. Same thing with a break up, while it might be physically be over, there might be some mental unwinding that must be done.


What situation do you need to add clarity to so that you can truly complete the journey and step onto your next path forward? Where did you create clarity and so that you can lean into your purpose?


Also, to be clear, you don’t need to stir the pot or borrow drama to clear up a situation. Add clarity for YOURSELF. Journal about it, meditate on it, create or see a new perspective of what’s happening.


I love this idea of asking yourself who you want to be and then doing that. I think I’ve told this story before…I used to be CONSTANTLY late. Like ALL THE TIME. Then one day a friend of mine told me what an a**hole I was for making her wait.


My real problem had become bad habitual patterns of lateness, but the only way to fix that was to get clear on what they were. I had to start asking myself, if I want to change what would the Erin who shows up on time do? I started to work backwards….. it seems to easy to just wake up earlier, but that wasn’t really my problem. It was about how I was wasting my own time, and the impact of that. I went through my own Fool’s Journey of morning time management, then applied what I learned to other areas in which I was always late.


I’m no expert now, but I’m now in a new journey about cultivating even better practices of time value. My original journey of time look a while to finish and complete, but the transition in my life has been a remarkable one. So no, each journey isn’t one month long, but have patience because you end with completion and clarity in your world.


Make the courageous choice to keep going.

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