Sometimes what we want most takes the most courage

Sometimes what we want most takes the most courage

The simple act of getting my daughter’s ears pierced reminded me of a huge and important reminder: sometimes what we want most takes the most courage. 

It’s been a while since I’ve cried getting my ears pierced… it’s not a secret that I have a few holes in my ears. I’ve gotten into the habit of getting a new piercing around my birthday, and while I don’t scream and cry when that needle goes in anymore, it does hurt a lot.  The difference is I know now what to expect and the fear of the unknown isn’t hanging over my head. I mean, who doesn’t want shiny sparkles all over their ears?!?!?

My daughter has been BEGGING me to get her ears pierced. “Please mom, PLEASE!”

We discussed how the piercing works, the aftercare, and the future possibilities of changing her earrings to match her outfit or even mood. We went to the first piercing studio and were quickly denied because of her age, and that’s when I truly realized she really wanted them…because she cried and cried.

So, we landed on a place and full nerves set it. She said go and BAM… so many tears. She needed a break before the second piercing. That’s when she realized she had to go through the pain again, and that what she wanted is going to take some serious courage. 

But, she did it! It was in that moment when she was talking to me, and I told her how brave she was and is, that sometimes what we want most takes the most courage.

Whether it’s changing jobs, leaving or gaining a partner, changing schools, or having that hard conversation with a friend/family member, it’s asking yourself at that moment, “What do I really need, and what action is going to take me there?”

While you can visualize and manifest all you want, Charlotte could wear sticky earrings for the rest of her life…. But if she really wanted real earrings, there is nowhere else but to dive through fear and courageousness. 

What is something that you want that is going to take a lot of courage, and what’s the impact if you never decide to finally just do it and pierce your ears?


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