Big News & A Surprise Inside.....


The empire continues. I am an entrepreneur and officially an…

A U T H O R 

I’m so excited to announce that I’ve teamed up with The Collective Book Studio to publish my new book, THE POSSIBILITY PROJECT.

I signed my contract in October 2021, and have been secretly working behind the scenes to create the most amazing guided journal all about created what’s possible in your life through productivity, creativity, movement, and purpose. 

Stop doing it all and start with what’s working! 

Do you want to hear something crazy? I originally created this guided journal as a program specifically for YESyoga and one of the participants told me I should really consider making it available for everyone and get it published. 

I did something COURAGEOUS! I sent my version to a publisher and Angela, at The Collective Book Studio, called me and said YES! 

Pre-order start NEXT month (January 2023). Here's a little peak at the beautiful color. If you're a YESyoga member, check out the December Issue of The YES Life, and you'll see the book color's obviously gorgeous. 


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