Rumbling with Personal Responsibility

Rumbling with Personal Responsibility


Before you can rumble with others, I think the first step in “Bringing The Heat” or becoming vulnerable is to dig deep within yourself.


The only way to do that is to focus on an area of your life that isn’t working, and ask yourself “What can I hold myself accountable for?”


YES, there are a ton of outside factors that play into each of our lives, but at some point there is responsibility of our own that we have to acknowledge. 


Questions like 

  • What is the story I am creating
  • What boundaries do I not have in place
  • Where can I change my perspective 


When taking personal responsibility it isn’t because “you aren’t doing enough” or that “nothing goes well for you.” It’s truly about where should I have said NO, but I said YES.



This challenged me like the Kool-Aid Man through my morning routine wall last year. I hated mornings, we were always running late, I was always screaming at my kids, and it really just did not work. 


I did everything I could to put the blame on everyone: my alarm, my kids, my dog, the school lunch schedule, the weather, the traffic. Finally I realized I was the problem. My morning routine was shit. 


I like to journal, so I made a list about what DID work for me, and I got really vulnerable about what I didn’t like, without being self-deprecating. For me, the biggest thing to create growth through rumbling with personal responsibility is to take self-deprecating behavior off the table and not tolerate it with yourself during this process. 


I started to realized that I could simplify part of my morning routine, I could put a few habits together in one, I was able to add meditation to my daily morning practice, and I just had to made the decision that I couldn’t sleep past a certain time, NO MATTER WHAT. 


I still struggle with hitting snooze but deciding I no longer tolerated waking up past a certain time was okay, because then it was mine and my fault only that my morning could revert back to chaos. 


Whether it’s a relationship, a habit, a decision, where can you get vulnerable without self-deprecating? Realize what works, and see what’s possible from there. 


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