Bring the Heat - Lay the F Down

Bring the Heat - Lay the F Down


Have you ever just decided to do something? Like one day you woke up and decided today’s the day I ____________, and you actually did the thing……



What I finally decided…REST. I’ve been going about 100 miles an hour since the pandemic with owning the studio. Between creating all new client communications, redo-ing our sales strategy, fine tuning some budget bullsh*t (which is not bullsh*t it is totally important just seriously boring), and all the other behind the scenes stuff at the studio. I didn’t ever turn anything off.


I also downloaded an app that shows you how many times per day you look at your phone and your actual phone usage….that’s when it hit me. LAY THE F DOWN, TAKE A REST. I’m too embarrassed to even say what those numbers are, just know they suck. 


Have you ever been too tired to sleep? Not motivated to be motivated? Forget what a water fountain is called? It’s like brain fog with colored smoke bombs, you’re doing everything but actually nothing. 


I was doing everything I needed to be doing, but instead of committing to each one of my activities I was checked out and checking my phone instead. Normally I put in my schedule to have an active rest. I call it a “take a 10 minute.” 


My “take a 10 minute” is my rescue boat normally. It’s my go-to my place I know I can be saved or recover, and when that didn’t work. F*ck. 


I was missing meetings, showing up to the wrong places, forgetting pretty significant things. There was no heat, there was no spark, there was only burnt out. 


Now what, where do I even rumble, what’s the actual base root of the problem? REST.


Listen I love my work, I am an adamant believer if you love your work you make it your life, but as someone who loves to take the long hard way about doing things, boundaries are essential with this concept. 


The Rumble - Get vulnerable about rest. Where can I actually rest? Where can I be “Out of Office?” Can I just sit and be without looking at my phone?


As I move into re-evaluating what “busy” is and what “rest” is for me, rest is now on my calendar. Which also includes, putting my phone down playing with my kids, date nights with the hubby and inviting friends along, going to yoga class, going for a walk, or even sitting outside in the sun (sunscreen of course) and drinking my coffee for 10 minutes. 


The goal this week: go on vacation and be OUT OF OFFICE. 

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