Gratitude for the things you can’t see

Gratitude for the things you can’t see


Create gratitude for the details and the blurred lines. Create Gratitude for the things you cannot see.


As I’ve personally been working on creating content for our November Gratitude Texts it has given me such a huge dopamine gratitude hit. I also have a massive man/entrepreneurial/author crush on Ryan Holiday and have already crushed his latest book “Courage Is Calling: Fortune Favors the Brave.” Between both, I’ve been very inspired and lit up lately.


As a person who tends to do a lot, I don’t ask to be noticed for the things people don’t notice. YESyoga is full of powerhouse women who are family driven, career driven, creativity driven, and entrepreneurial driven. We are people who do things that go unnoticed, because it’s part of our purpose and passion.



I was talking with a YESyoga entrepreneurial powerhouse woman the other day and we were talking about having such a love/hate relationship with social media.  I find it to be a place of creativity, inspiration, and judgement. First and foremost, I made that choice. I can easily get rid of the things that I judge and I am finally starting to get present to what those are and make new choices. Second, I know how much work goes into creating those tiny squares for people to notice for only seconds. I am so grateful to those creators and innovators who put their time and energy into those tiny squares so that I can feel inspired.


Then, this got me thinking even more….


What about all the people who do thankless jobs that I benefit from on the regular. Like the janitor who cleaned up all of Char’s puke at school the other day, or the countless Sugar Land Town Square facilities employees that make sure all the lightbulbs in the parking garage are working. 


And....(Hold on to your butts, because I'm about to make a generic sports reference here) all of the almost nameless players that constantly support the icons of the game. They too are waking up early, training hard, working on drills, and they support the team as a whole. 


Having a gratitude practice really wakes you up, gets you present, even to those things like lightbulbs in facilities or the fact that all the shopping carts were lined up and ready for you at HEB. 


Start to notice this week all of the things you might not have noticed before, and create gratitude for the things you cannot see. 

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