I got what I asked for…abundance

I got what I asked for…abundance

Our December theme for the studio is “Abundance”…

Ask the universe for something, and it will deliver. It might not deliver in a way you thought it would, but it definitely always delivers.

It came in abundance and quickly: COVID, a lot of time together as a family, and an abundance of new decisions to make. 

I was pissed at first that we had a positive case of COVID in our family. Luckily it was a super mild case, but nonetheless, i struggled for the first few days. The routine was off, the dynamic was different, and the struggle was real. I wanted an abundance of empathy from certain people, and I didn’t get it. So then I was more mad. 

Thankfully I can rely on my weekly therapy appointment to help unpack everything or even just get some stuff off my chest. I realized I needed to shift my thinking about abundance. I decided to give myself an abundance of grace.  

From that moment on everything changed, I was able to redirect myself back to joy. What went from being really hard moments to more communication or even “what’s the best way for us to do this.” My therapist also had a great suggestion, “what would you tell your friend, and tell yourself that.” 

It’s totally cliche to say lessons come in ways you least expect it, but I firmly believe in creating your life. So if you think things will suck, they totally will. But, if you can shift into a new perspective or mindset, that new way can be easily created too. That’s exactly what I did. 

I moved from an abundance of suckiness to an abundance of grace, which then helped me navigate through a quarantined holiday. 

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