Every choice is a chance

“Every choice is a chance.”


That is a quote from the great fictional character Ted Lasso, who could honestly be based on my older brother who is an actual soccer coach in Kansas, HA! 


A lot of his quotes have stuck with me, just because the show is great. This one really stuck with me because of our theme for 2022: Make a Courageous Choice. 


It’s time for all of us, me included, to take a chance on ourselves. There are so many things out of our control each and every day, but what if we started realizing every choice is a chance.


A chance to grow, a chance to rest, a chance to love, a chance to be, a chance express, a chance to do more or less, or a chance to start over. 


Do you have a big choice you are making? What chance are you taking? If you’re having trouble deciding on what choice to make, figure out your why?


What do you value? What’s your why? Take a chance on that. 


What new courageous chance can you take on yourself this year? 

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