10 Ways You Know You've Said YES to Growth....

10 Ways You Know You've Said YES to Growth....
It's totally redundant to say that so much has happened the past few years, the past year, the past month, this past week...hell, there's been a lot happen today. 
I loved in Jess's class the other day, she talked about waves. You can be in the flow of life or you can be fighting for every minute. No matter what, life is not still and the ocean won't stop moving. 
To keep with the theme of water and ocean, every action you take creates a ripple effect. You might not know it or even see it right away, but it's there. I've started to notice some themes amongst some of my friends and people at YESyoga and people outside of the studio. I'd like to say I surround myself with an abundance of women who are committed to growth, so I'm honestly not surprised by some of the themes I'm noticing. 
We all experience growth differently and it all impacts us in a different way, but I wanted to remind you and myself of some ways that we've grown that we may have not noticed before.
  1. You said NO and are willing to stop unproductive habits. This one has been a big one for myself beginning in 2020 and moving now into 2022. I've completely changed my morning routine. I didn't realize how toxic my old routine was not only to myself, but to my family and it's been a LIFE CHANGING perspective. Once you see the unproductive or "bad" habit, it's only when you are actually willing to stop and make actionable changes that the old habit will transform.
  2. You said YES to building new intentional habits. Though COVID has done serious irreversible damage, it has also brought some seriously great changes to many of our lives. Most likely you might have started some new habits or even created new boundaries that has helped you stay grounded and find success in your day to day life. 
  3. Your definition of success changes. Lol, see above. Seriously though, SUCCESS: no longer late because you work from home, ha! Creating your own definition of success can get you where you need to go exponentially more than people who create the definition for you. Stop letting other people tell you what you can achieve and create it for yourself. 
  4. You are getting present to the energy around you. Have you been able to stay calm when your kid is losing their shit? How about when a car cuts you off, or a crazy person goes off on you because you forgot to change the sign to "open?" When you start to realize it's not about you, it's the energy they are brining you can get present to what is actually happening and react in a totally different way. 
  5. You're redefining your relationships. Think about all of the changed relationships you've had in the past two years. Noticing their energy, how do you feel after you hang out? What are you getting out of the relationship? If you've started to pull away and set some boundaries, you've grown! Life changed, so can you and so can your decision to have relationships with certain people. You can also change what the relationship looks like at anytime. 
  6. You said YES to quality over quantity. Maybe this is spending with your time or money. When you have that moment of noticing you picked quality over quantity, that's growth! 
  7. You confront your responsibilities and take ownership of wrong doings. This is a double bonus. You know you've grown when you stopped procrastinating the things you are actually responsible for and become more productive, and/or you've taken ownership of not doing them. You may even say "I'm sorry" and apologize in a way more meaningful way than you used to. I was reading something on instagram the other day and it said "Instead of saying 'I'm sorry for being late,' say 'Thank you for waiting for me.'" Here's the thing, if you had an appointment or scheduled something at a certain time you need to take responsibility for being late. Trust me on this, I used to be THAT person. It's growth GIRL!
  8. You celebrate the success in others. You've started telling people WOW or CONGRATULATIONS without inputing all the things you've done. Mostly, you started acknowledging people for their value and their worth that they bring to your life and the lives of others
  9. You said NO to comparing yourself to others. You're better about feeling so depleted after scrolling instagram or talking with certain people. Growth here means letting them live their lives, and living your life to the fullest. 
  10. You say YES to yourself and respect yourself more. You know you've grown when you notice yourself taking care of yourself. This might mean asking for a raise, saying you need a mental health day, talking with your spouse about your needs, apologizing to your kids, finding a therapist, sticking to your budget, and going to yoga.

You will only be able to say YES to growth when you want it more than you fear it. Keep going, keep saying YES to growth. You might not see the impact right away, but don't forget, every action creates a ripple. 

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