Grateful for change

Grateful for change.

The pandemic has changed us all. These changes aren’t good or bad, they just are. It’s what you do with the change that makes the difference. 


When something happens there is a shift in our thinking and even in our way of being. 


That moment of pause is what matters. It’s that moment of breath you take before you decide what to do next, and if you can create foundation of gratitude your next step might be courageous action. 


What if you looked at courageous action from gratitude in a way that isn’t huge life moments, what if it’s small things someone would be grateful for…. like: not fiipping that car in front of you off, not being brutally honest, or just letting someone else celebrate the win without you adding your “I did that too” thing. 


It is in these moments when we create small moments of courageous action because we have that foundation of gratitude so that we don’t need to have more, we are present and grateful for each thing that comes our way. 


Think about all of the things in your life that have changed in the past year. What are you grateful for now that you didn’t have last year? What or who are you grateful to have let go of in the past year? What courageous actions did you take to get to this point?


You’ve changed. Now, it’s time to get present again. Ask yourself where the change is happening, start to notice the pauses, and ignite courageous action so that you can redirect yourself back to joy BEFORE the burnout happens. 

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