F*ck Kale, Drink Coffee

Superfood. Superpowers. Super yum. 


In scrolling social media the other day I came across a post that read:


I'm not a casual coffee drinker. I drink coffee to get f*cked up. I'll go back to back double espresso and just see where the day takes me. Will I be energetic and fun, or will I be shaky and die? Who knows, life is a mystery, bottoms up. -Unfortunately I could not find the origin of the post to give credit. 


It made me think of that Seinfeld episode where Kramer gets all jittery, paranoid, and really out of control because of all the coffee he drank. *Spoiler alert of 1995, Kramer won a lifetime of free coffee because his coffee was too hot and sued the coffee company, the episode was actually based on a real-life lawsuit from McDonalds.


Many of us use coffee as a ritual in the morning to help us wake up. It's the trigger of your eyes opening in the morning, the action of walking past the coffee maker, and the taste of that one sip can make you think it's going to make your day great, or give you strength to deal with whatever day is ahead of you -aka: the reward! 


Also, many of us know the risks of drinking too many cups of coffee. I've had a ton of friends whom I've spoken too recently that have decided to cut coffee completely due to over use, anxiety, and insomnia. I've been debating on changing my relationship with coffee, honestly I have a while ago because I was drinking about 5 cups per day. I switched it up to about 2 - 3 cups per day, and then I heard The Sakara Life Podcast with Dr William Li, and loved hearing his take on coffee and the positive benefits.  


Dr. Li discussed a study that was done where coffee can dramatically impact your DNA strands and reduce the risks of heart disease and cancers. The quick science is that coffee contains polyphenols, and those coffee polyphenols can change the cancer cells so that the tumor suppressant in DNA is activated, reducing cancer growing ability. An even quicker way to say it: drinking coffee can stunt cancer's growth. Also, these studies were done on darker roast semi-bougie coffee. This is not a Starbucks ad, nor does it mean cream and sugar with one shot of coffee. It's still mindful ingredient focused. I also found another article that also showed even more studies on how coffee can reduce cellular damage!


If your body can't process caffeine, if your relationship with coffee was under stress and you've chosen to break up with coffee....stick with what you're doing. For me, I decided to shift to no more than 2 cups of coffee per day (based on the study's amount of 500 ML or about 16 oz, so you don't have to Google it.) I also added a mindfulness aspect of holding it in my hand or having it with me while I meditate to help let it cool down and be grateful and give me strength for the day to come. 


How can you create a more mindful coffee practice or incorporate coffee into your mindfulness practice?


Also keep eating kale.....just give it an extra little massage with some olive oil and salt (pro kale eating tip just for you at no extra charge!)


Brew your holy bean water. Drink your joe. Book your next class. 


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