Choose endurance

Growth is on the other side of resistance. Choose endurance.


When you focus on what you can control, choose endurance. Can you make the courageous choice to choose and practice a voluntary hardship? 


Let’s quickly define “voluntary hardship”… 


What I mean by this is doing something outside of your comfort zone in a safe and sustainable way like: running outside for 30 minutes, taking a yoga class, or waking up at 5am. Pushing yourself to when you feel resistance, and then you keep going. 

When you practice this type of endurance in a safe and controlled way, it creates growth.


Also, you know all of this right!??! So, let’s flip it. Can you make the courageous choice to choose and practice voluntary prosperity?

What does it feel like to endure rest? Rejuvenation? Joy? Success?

What if you can voluntarily put yourself in situations where you flourish and endure the feeling of prosperity? 


It’s time to stop seeing “endurance” as getting out of your comfort zone by grinding yourself all the way down, but also lifting yourself higher than the ceiling. Stop resisting celebrating yourself.

Make the courageous choice to endure it all. 

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