Be Respondable

How are you responding to the upcoming life transition?



Can you believe it’s already August? If you have school-aged children August can be a big transition. So before over planning every single moment before school starts up, and then being total.y overwhelmed when that new schedule hits, be prepared. 


I’m not giving you tips to start going to bed earlier and how to make better heart shaped pancakes, be prepared for your new transitional mornings to go awry. Be prepared for that.


Can you start visualizing the busy-ness, the mornings chaos, and visualize yourself staying calm, not screaming, feeling overwhelmed but responding in a way you actually want to. 


I heard this new phrase called: Respondability. It’s not a word, and normally I roll my eyes way hard at phrases like this, but for some reason this one stuck. I think it’s because it reminds me it’s a skill just like responsibility, flexibility, accountability, and more. It’s something I can be in charge of. 


So as we move into the transition of this month, where can you work the skill of “responsibility?” I’m not saying it’s not going to be hard feeling overwhelmed when the school starts back up, because it totally will but you’re prepared for that to happen.


Prepare your mind. Create a meditation practice. Take something off your plate in the mornings - not your breakfast plate, eat that, but like is there one less thing you can worry about in the mornings? 


Remember, practice doesn’t make perfect. Practice helps create mastery. 

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