Begin Again: Take A Moment

Begin Again: Take A Moment


This morning was the first day of school for my littles for the 2021- 2022 school year. Plus my youngest is going to a brand new school. It’s also the first day for two of our YESyoga staff members as they begin their Master’s program! 


I don’t need a long blog post to tell you about last year or the insanity and anxiety filled-ness of this upcoming year or beginning school. 


One thing is for certain that COVID brought into everyone’s lives is complete and total uncertainty. 


New school or going back to an old school. Starting a new job or going back to work on a Monday, it’s all new. Beginning a yoga practice, or walking into the same room for the 100th time. It’s an all new week, with an all new purpose. 


To begin again, find a moment of calm, clarity, and grounding before you rush into busy-ness or insanity. The only way to expect the unexpected is to be grounded in yourself. Whether it’s incorporating a Monday morning meditation, a walk, or even sitting outside drinking your coffee, start with something that settles you and that only YOU can do for yourself. 


Throw on some under eye patches, grab your coffee before it’s too cool, don’t change out of your pajamas, just sit in the floor of your closet or wherever, if you don’t have a spot, and take a deep breath. JUST DO ONE BIG ONE if you don’t have time for anything else.



Mindful breathing is proven to calm your mind, regulate your blood pressure, help stabilize emotional control, and even boost memory. 


Because that calm, that stillness, that moment of peace, you will be able to remember and recreate if necessary throughout the rest of your day or week. Start small, begin again, and redirect to joy so that you can match the unexpected with self-groundedness instead of more chaos. 


The moment is yours to TAKE. That one big mindful breath can have a lasting impact on your day. TAKE THE MOMENT. 


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