Begin Again: Shift inconvenience to Love

Begin Again: Shift inconvenience to Love


Do you ever have one of those weeks that just absolutely sucks? Like everything that can goes wrong does, then you spill coffee on your white shirt, and your belt loop catches on the door handle, and you accidentally kick your little toe on your bed. Then you finally come up for air, only to have a perfect evening ruined because you ended up losing your shit for no reason….


(Seems like I know a thing or two about this.)


What I’m referencing above are what I would consider inconvenient things. They aren’t “good” and they definitely aren’t “bad.” They are inconvenient. They add extra emotion to whatever is on top of whatever is going on already. 


Noticing the emotion and naming it is always a great way to help start to lift the fog of doom and gloom. 


What’s even worse for me, is that I just start to completely self-deprecate a sabotage. Such as, “I can’t do anything right,” “I am worthless/useless/not valued/not cared for/stupid/dumb” the list goes on and on. 


That’s when inconvenience turns into something more. QUE THE BREAKDOWN….


This is when beginning again MUST take place. Action is required to stop the downward spiral from inconvenience to self-love. 


The majority of the time most of those inconveniences happen because we aren’t present, we aren’t paying attention and our focus is shifted elsewhere. Have you ever been so happy you fell over? It’s the same thing just in reverse.


When those inconveniences start to occur, get present. What emotion are you actually dealing with? What is holding your attention? Where can you add love to yourself or even someone else? 


Begin again from love. 

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