Begin Again: We are all Flawed

Begin Again: We are all Flawed


Last week was hell. It’s so easy to talk about the hell, the heartbreak, the things that didn’t work. Misery loves company. It’s so easy to stay in the complaining and complain with others and listen to others complain and then complain about complaining.


I’m exhausted from it all. I’m exhausted from my self. I’m exhausted from complaining. I’m exhausted from my breakdown. There’s a saying that through a breakdown you have a breakthrough, but like…..can a girl get a breakthrough without a breakdown? 


The answer is YES! 


I have breakdowns because I’m not listening to myself, I’m not giving myself what I need and everything is totally preventable. And, I am flawed, and it happens sometimes anyway. 


After a battle of stubborn personality traits between my littles and I about lunches, shoes, and backpacks. I reminded myself that we are flawed, not on purpose, but just are. We are all flawed, we need and deserve love, and we are worthy of it. 


To begin again, redirect yourself to back to joy with love. If you’re completely down on yourself remember you are flawed, you are loved, and you are worthy.


Let that be your mantra this week, there’s no need to go back to the pits of hell. 

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