Begin Again: Don’t start over completely

Begin Again: Don’t start over completely

*This read is if you’re stuck working on a project or lacking a creative boost. 


The point of right here. Right here. 


You got this far, now what? Nothing is working, you’re creative tank is empty, nothing seems to be going right.


Do you ever get the feeling like only bad things happen all at once? It’s kinda like thinking about a red car and then you see a red car everywhere? Or maybe, you’re looking for that very specific one kinda thing but you keep finding the opposite?


Begin again, but don’t start all the way over. 


I don’t know about you, but sometimes when some tells me to “begin again” I kinda want to punch them. Like okay dude, do you know how long I’ve been working on this and you think I should just crumple it all up and start from scratch?!?!


Don’t start over, just go a few steps back. Unless you were trying to paint a purple cow and you mixed yellow paint in with your blue and red, you don’t need a new canvas, a new idea, or even a new brush…. you just need to remix your paint. 


Beginning again when working on projects or even motivation, might just mean to take a quick pause from that project. Beginning again could literally mean you start again tomorrow. 


Think about how crazy this sounds, you got lost in triangle pose in the middle of yoga class and starting over would be to go alllllll tttthhheeee waaaayyyyy back to child’s pose. Um, no thanks. Don’t start over, instead reset your focus and try it again, or skip it and wait for the other side.  


This week focus your attention on the right before not the beginning. Start from there, and see where it leads. 


Seriously though, what if you realized “damn, I didn’t keep the laundry going” and then just going to do it, start from right there. Don’t rewash everything, because that would be f*cking nuts. 


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