AUGUST THEME: Begin Again  

*This article is great for mindfulness


“Boldness is the beginning of action. But fortune controls how it ends.” - 



With school starting up again, the COVID outbreak numbers out of control, everything seems to be beginning again, starting over, starting up again. 


We don’t know what will happen, what we do know is that we can take action to begin again and again and again. If you love control, this is for you, because you can control the beginning. You control the action that it takes to get something started, but you can’t control what happens. 


Though controversial, a great example of this is with Simone Biles. The boldness of dropping out of her events because of the “twisties.” Obviously, I’m no Olympian, I’m not a gymnast, I didn’t ask her about any of it, and let’s be honest, sometimes I fall over when trying to get my pants on in the morning, but I thought it to be bold and the beginning of something. Spoiler Alert: She ended up being able to participate in beam and won bronze. It took boldness to pause, to ask for help, to begin again. 


It takes a lot to be bold, and then just be. Especially to be with the decision you made without knowing the outcome.


What if you take this into your own life, not as an Olympian, but as a human. If you had a bad night, take a bold action of having a good morning. Listen to an inspiring podcast, to your favorite song, begin the day again by being bold to not recreate the bad day again.


Redirect to joy by beginning again and again. It’s not about the end result, it’s about that ability to be able to start again. 

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