Abundance: Through Self Fulfilling Prophecy

Abundance: Through Self Fulfilling Prophecy


This month we shift our focus to the theme "Abundance." Since it's December, this doesn't mean and abundance of gifts to give or get. It's creating an abundant life through connection and fulfillment.

Creating abundance in your life will redirect you to joy, and set you up on a stable path to move into 2022. 

The first step in creating abundance is to choose it. Have you ever heard of The Self Fulfilling Prophecy? It's a concept in positive phycology where if you believe something will happen, you end up creating it. So, if you wake up and think today is going to be terrible, it most likely will....and even if something good happens, you'll only focus on the bad. Or, vise-versa, if you wake up and think today will be amazing, and something bad happens, you'll easily be able to move through and come back into that mindset of today being great. 

Yes, there are systemic issues and outliers in life that create impact. However, in your daily choices of courageousness or your overall outlook choose abundance for your self fulfilling prophecy. Each day can be the next best day. 

Choose fulfillment. Choose empathy. Choose connection. 

If things haven't been going great for you lately, ask yourself what self fulfilling prophecy you have been committed to, and make the courageous act to change it. And, if things have been going great, where can you create even more abundance?


“Whether you think you can or you think you can’t, you’re right.”  - Henry Ford


*To read more about self-fulfilling prophecies in details and how it can impact your life, read more here

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