The Baseline Of Gratitude

As we end November, something I’m very grateful for is all of the work that went into creating the month of Gratitude. The work that I’m speaking of isn’t the mundaneness of creating the texts/ emails, it’s the internal work. The work of working on myself and you working on yourself. It’s being grateful for the work we did together to move ourselves forward, catapulted by gratitude. 


I am also VERY grateful for my therapist. My therapist helps me stay grounded and helping me untangle the web of the internal work as well. 


The holidays are hard, no matter if you are a business owner, single mom, family of one, or you have “the perfect life.” Each one of us deals with a different holiday pressure that the other doesn’t understand or know about. Which is why creating a baseline of gratitude before the chaos starts is so important. 


Gratitude will redirect you back to joy. Gratitude will get you present. Gratitude will connect you with others. Gratitude will connect you with yourself. 


As we move into “The Holiday Season” keep reconnecting with gratitude as a baseline so that you can be abundant. 

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