Abundance of Why

Abundance of Why


In order to redirect back to joy, remember why you started. Remember it. Cherish it. Live into it.


It’s no secret that sometimes we can struggle with what we love. Love is a muscle that you choose to be exercised. It’s choosing the right commitment. 


Whether it’s your job, your passion, your spouse, your kids, remembering why can bring you back into the present. Remembering why you started reminds you to choose love.


Stop being committed to being the victim. Stop being committed to taking the easy route. Stop being committed to making things hard on yourself. Stop being committed to “putting up with it.” As we end this month and this year, choose to redirect back to joy and remember why you started. From that point, make a choice. From that point, choose love. Choose to love yourself. 


Ask yourself what you are committed to, and what courageous choice can you make next?

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