The GF Life Saver

The GF Life Saver By: Erin Cummings


After discovering that I have one of the Celiac genes, I cut gluten completely out of my diet. I mostly eat paleo since I am also allergic to dairy, and I have found that particular way of eating fits my lifestyle the best. And, it's way easier to google "Paleo whatever" and actually have a good recipe actually pop in. 


What I've struggled with most when eating gluten free (and dairy free) is eating desserts. No one, I mean no one has something I can ever eat, and I've come to realize it's okay....because the birthday party isn't usually for me anyway.


At my house, I usually make everyone's birthday cake, and I cook a family meal 4-5 times per week. What I've discovered is:

1) The pictures of gluten free items NEVER turn out like the photo

2) The texture is terrible

3) Making my own chemistry concoction of whatever flours never, ever works


What I have found that works, that I didn't realize I had so much shame around it:



Whew, thanks for letting me get that off my chest. I've found the BEST gluten free all around flour substitute and boxes mixes that give the best texture, the best overall taste, and the best substitute is King Arthur Gluten Free (purchased at HEB, for those of you in Texas).


Between muffins, pancakes, and cake mixes. I'm in. I'm all the way leaned in, will never try to create my own mixed flour situation thing again. While this particular flour mix isn't "paleo" I'm also not 100% committed to sticking to a diet. I'm 100% committed to eating gluten free and dairy free. Luckily, I already broke the diet rule a while ago, and created a new guideline for what successful eating looks like for me.


The new rule I'm breaking while cooking now: Using boxed mixes is for people who can't cook. I can cook, I am a damn good cook actually, thank you very much. I'm terrible at baking certain things, and I know that this boxed mix makes me successful. And, if you are anything like me, this might help you too! If you need help subbing out dairy or other items feel free to leave me a comment below. But I'm telling you this hot tip is better than a recipe any day. 


My hubby just recently had a birthday, and I made him a vanilla King Arthur Gluten Free box mix cake, and loaded that baby up with dairy free chocolate ganache and buttercream icing. I made a successful cake that I was super happy to decorate, instead of just trying to power through and cringing every time I watched someone take a bite. 


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