Roasted Sweet Potato Rainbow Bowl (GF, Vegan)

Not only is this plate just pretty to look at, the meal tasted amazing! 

I did a quick little refrigerator clean out. I was searching for a Mediterranean vibe and found sweet potatoes, Great Northern Beans, tahini, and red I put them all together. 

I also used my air fryer to make just the one sweet potato, because it took less time...and let's be honest, there's no way my kids would eat this (well not my older one anyway.) I do wish the cabbage would have been pickled, but I say all in all really good!



- 1 Sweet Potato, washed and pricked with a fork

- 1/2 cup sliced red cabbage

- Tahini (1/4 cup tahini paste, 3 tbs ice cold water, juice and zest from one lemon, garlic powder, and salt mixed together!)

- Small bunch parsley, minced

- 1 Can Great Northern Beans, rinsed and drained

- Za'atar seasoning

- Micro Greens

- Dill 


Cover sweet potato in avocado or olive oil. Preheat air fryer.


Roast sweet potato in air fryer for 35 minutes at 390 degrees. Rotate half way through. 


Cover beans in za'atar and roast in air fryer while sweet potato is cooling off. Once beans are crisped, top sweet potato with red cabbage, tahini, beans, parsley, micro greens and dill. 

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