You’re never going to be a morning person - if you’re not a morning person

You’re never going to be a morning person if you’re not a morning person

Let’s talk about realistic goals for January. If you’ve never gotten up at 5 am, if you hit your snooze 6 times each morning, if you’re late to work every day - you might call yourself “not a morning person.” And the idea that you are going to wake up earlier and accomplish more things is a lost cause. 

This also used to be me. I also told myself “my life would be easier if I woke up at 5am” and I literally never took the steps to make changes. 

I’ve learned a few key things about the above sentence. 

First, I made really small tiny, very small steps for change, and some took me literally nowhere. I read a ton of books about successful entrepreneurs who always started their days at 5am. They meditate, they don’t check their phones, and they have serious work and personal life boundaries. They move their bodies with intention, and oh yeah they go to bed early. DING.

I always dubbed myself a “nighttime person.” However, another thing I realized, the more I labeled myself that person, the more I couldn’t detach from the label I gave myself. 

I realized that staying up late, though I wished I would do productive things, I never did. Then I asked myself where was I unfocused during the day and why?

Seriously, if you looked at your overall day and asked yourself what in your schedule isn’t working and where can you move some stuff around so that it does work? THAT RIGHT THERE, that question is a big part of my upcoming book, The Possibility Project.

Be productive during productivity time, rest when you need rest, be creative when you are creative, and stop forcing yourself to become a nighttime person or a morning person, or a person with a label you’ll have to eventually peel off because that label doesn’t fit anymore. 

For me, it wasn’t about becoming a morning person, but becoming someone who stops yelling at my kids in the morning, or stops being the parent running to drop-off, or being so mad at myself in the morning because “if I just woke up at 5am all of my problems would be solved.” It doesn’t matter when you wake up, if you have bad habits and labels (like I’m the one who is always late) you’ll never be the person you want to be.

I started making small changes and yeah, sometimes I still snooze my 5:15am alarm, and sometimes I have to meditate and journal later in the day, but one thing I know: I’m not a morning person and I’m okay with that. 

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